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Is inventory imbalance hurting your bottom line?

Slash overstock and stockouts to unlock cash and drive revenue with Roadrunner Rx. All fully managed for you.

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Roadrunner Rx Inventory Management Service uses our proprietary Demand-Driven Replenishment algorithm to dramatically reduce overstock and understock problems.

We account for changing customer orders, supplier reliability and plant performance to analyze, monitor and optimize your inventory levels in real time.

An intuitive dashboard shows you exactly how our “what to buy” recommendations increase raw material availability, boost productivity, unlock cash flow and increase sales.

  • Improve stock availability
  • Lower operating costs
  • Increase production throughput

Daily reporting and recommendations eliminate forecasting guesswork.

Leverage the power of Demand Driven Replenishment approach for creating timely, accurate production and supply chain flow.

Understand precisely what you should order, at the right time, in the right quantities

Strengthen supply chain resilience, maximize product availability and prevent costly stockouts.

  • Manage Component / Raw materials Buffer inventories
    • Design and re-size levels, locations & optimize turns
    • Help with New Materials replenishment introductions
  • Communicate Daily Order Requirements – What to Buy / Ship
  • Monitor Supply CHain Pipeline Status (ensure right supply)
  • Design and maintain Inventory Performance Scorecard
  • Evaluate Vendors and Purchasing Team’s Performance
  • Generate slow and non-moving inventory reports
  • Create Purchase Order Expedite List

Inventory levels and transport costs down.

This North American manufacturer makes approximately 3,000 individual SKUs —for multiple customers, spread out across North America, in a make-to- order environment (4 manufacturing plants and about 30 warehouses across North America.)

Operating on a 24/7 basis with a new ERP/MRP system, the challenge for this company was to find a way to maximize customer service levels and increase sales while minimizing transportation and inventory costs.

Conventional MRPs vs roadrunner Rx

Reduce Inventory (and
release cash) by at least