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Flow Management System

Discover what’s killing your KPIs and unlock superior manufacturing business performance

Montera’s Flow Management System (FMS) is a business operations framework and continuous improvement process to increase manufacturing profitability.

FMS is based on Theory of Constraints and Throughput Economics principles, leveraging Lean Thinking and Six Sigma concepts.

FMS prevents the negative impact of variability (supply chain, manufacturing operation and customer demand) on plant throughput.

Harold Karp
Former CEO of several global manufacturing organizations

Harold Karp

Stop constant firefighting, overtime, inventory imbalances and expedited freight
that drive up costs. The Flow Management System ends the chaos and delivers:

Stable, responsive
production plans

Predictable execution
and on-time delivery

inventory management

Real-time visibility
to KPIs

FMS has 4 key, integrated components:

  1. Demand-Driven Replenishment inventory management.
    (Define inventory position and levels and create a pull-based
    replenishment signal) (Rx)
  2. Drum-Buffer-Rope production management, based on
    Theory of Constraints principles. (Identify production streams,
    schedule only key resources and reinforce schedule
    attainment as the primary measure.) (Mx)
  3. Continuous Improvement based on Flow Issue Reporting
    (FIR) results. This drives a plant-wide continuous
    improvement process based on the main reasons the
    schedule is not achieved. (Mx)
  4. Once the plant is stable, begin measuring product profitability
    for better sales, marketing and business investment (CAPEX)
    decisions. (Bx)

Reduce inventory levels and cost while growing sales

Increase plant capacity and throughput

Reduce inventory levels and cost while growing sales

Increase plant capacity and throughput

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Business Assessment

Identify root causes that trigger problems with lead times, forecasting, inventory, capacity, on-time delivery and other KPIs.

Solution Design

We map the solution to solve these problems, leveraging our suite of Roadrunner ERP Expansion Pack modules.

The Executive Workshop

We present the results of our analysis at a roundtable for your senior people, with a clear roadmap to drive improvement.

You’ll know what you must change and where, and clearly understand the bottom-line benefits you can expect.

Making it stick

Successful execution requires changes in thinking and behavior across your teams.

Our consultants are change management experts who will upskill your team to implement foundational Theory of Constraint (TOC) principles.

We offer workshops on TOC concepts such as Drum-BufferRope, Demand Driven Replenishment, Critical Chain Project Management, Throughput Economics and their practical application throughout the organization.

Typically, our consultants support project teams on a weekly basis, building necessary infrastructure, driving implementation progress and working on change management

We are confident in our ability to identify and unlock value, based on more than 20 years’ experience with clients worldwide.

  • Increase effective operating capacity by 25%
  • Reduce project lead time by 25%
  • Reduce overall inventory by 25%
  • Improve product availability by 25%