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March 22, 2024

Discover the benefits of CCPM at Critical Chain 2024

Why Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM)?

Critical Chain is a powerful Theory of Constraints (TOC) methodology for solving project management problems and streamlining timelines to deliver projects better, faster and for lower cost.

While most manufacturers focus on improving operations or supply chain functions to drive better results, improving project management for new product launch and development processes is an often overlooked way to boost your bottom line.

The emergence of Critical Chain Project Management

The truth is that most projects run late, over budget and skate outside of scope. Yet the science of project management scarcely changed in decades — that is, until the emergence of Critical Chain theory, first espoused by Eli Goldratt in his 1997 book Critical Chain.

Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) is the TOC solution for planning, scheduling, and managing performance in a project environment.

The “critical chain” is the constraint of a project: the longest sequence of dependent events through a project network considering both task and resource dependencies in completing the project.

A CCPM approach provides all-important visibility and the ability to effectively synchronize your operation’s technical resources. This can streamline and accelerate product launch and development timelines to dramatically increase revenue and business profitability.

Explore CCPM at Critical Chain 2024

Critical chain theory is a fundamental principle of Montera’s Flow Management System for
improving manufacturing performance.


Montera CEO Jack Warchalowski and Executive VP Duncan Patrick will share their expertise on CCPM applications at the Critical Chain 2024 conference April 17-18.


Their presentation How CCPM Helps Manufacturers Successfully Launch New Products and Increase Business Profitability explains how applying CCPM to new product development and product launch processes fits with the overall improvement strategy of a manufacturing business.

Implementing CCPM principles at the outset of a project can dramatically cut lead time, which increases the capacity of a manufacturing organization.

— Jack Warchalowski, Montera CEO


The presentation describes how Stalmax, a high-volume manufacturer of fasteners for the auto industry, is successfully leveraging CCPM and Roadrunner Px project management software for their Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) and other development processes to increase the profitability of their entire operation.


A live Q&A session with Jack and Duncan will follow the online presentation.

Critical Chain Project Management at scale

CCPM methodology is the core of Montera’s Roadrunner Px project management software.

It applies Critical Chain to all your project management activities in real time, prioritizing tasks and resources, resolving conflicting priorities, and reducing ineffective multitasking.

Roadrunner Px ensures task gains offset task delays and facilitate full kitting while improving quality and minimizing rework. You can view the priority of active projects to determine which project needs the most attention using the ratio of Critical Chain complete to Project Buffer consumed.

This helps our manufacturing clients deliver projects 25% to 40% faster while increasing throughput by 25% to 50%.

Learn more about our Roadrunner ERP Expansion Pack software for project management, inventory management, production management and business intelligence.

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